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Welcome to FlightAdventures.COM!

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Weekend-to-Solo™ Adventure
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Virtual pilots proficient with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000® or later now have the opportunity to solo in a real aircraft in a single long weekend with our FlightAdventures Weekend-to-Solo AdventureÔ. We have developed a safe and comprehensive program that is unique to the industry. Advanced teaching techniques combined with a proprietary state-of-the-art course presentation will provide a level of instruction that is unmatched in the industry.

This unique program was created with the guidance of best-selling flight simulation author, Ben Chiu. Ben is a commercial pilot, certificated flight instructor, and FAA-appointed Aviation Safety Counselor. His publications have instructed hundreds of thousands of pilots around the world in basic and advanced piloting skills. If you have come across his publications at your flight school, you know how knowledgeable and well-written they are. Ben breaks down difficult material into understandable pieces. Students of all levels find them useful and clear. Ben's ability to present instructional material in a concise manner is a keystone of our course structure.

    "This is the most comprehensive and thorough flight training adventure experience in the world. In addition to learning quickly, you'll learn more than what's taught in "traditional" flight training. Although aviation has been around for many, many years, flight training hasn't changed very much. While we understand the sentiments of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," the concept behind our program was brought about by our frustration with current accepted practices. After years of doing it the old way, we simply devised a better method by eliminating many of the shortcomings of traditional flight training, and taking full advantage of the technologies available today.

    Welcome to flight training for the 21st century!"

      -The FlightAdventures Team

During this three-day weekend you will fly 12 training flights and attend 8 ground school sessions. Although the schedule may sound intensive, you will be given ample time to develop your skills. You will not be forced to move beyond what you are comfortable with. Quite the contrary, our belief is the student comprehension and capability will soar via the complete, eight hour per day immersion training curriculum. Your safety is always the main concern and our goal is for every student to exceed Federal Aviation Regulations for competency and ability.

You will receive training in aircraft such as the four seat Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP aircraft. All are meticulously maintained aircraft that are a joy to fly with their modern instrumentation and appointments. Our flight instructors are all experienced and professional pilots who will ensure that learning experiences are comprehensive and enjoyable. Every effort is expended so that each Adventurer exits the weekend as a "solo" pilot.

If you've ever considered learning to fly or would just like the finest hands-on introduction to the world of aviation, this is our best Adventure package. The FlightAdventures Weekend-to-Solo Adventure offers a unique combination of education and fun, for an "off the scale" pleasurable experience.

Weekend-to-Solo Pre-Solo Checklist (prerequisites)

Below are the items that are to be obtained and/or completed before attending a FlightAdventures Weekend-to-Solo Adventure:
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