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Chat Info

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FlightAdventures' exclusive proprietary chat client, VPC Chat, requires that you have listed as a Trusted Site by your browser with the Trusted Site zone set to the low level.

  • If you are running Internet Explorer we can automatically configure your browser for VPC operation by using the following utility. Click VPC_cfg.exe, select Run this program from its current location, and answer "Yes" to the warning message.

    NEW USERS - Install VPC_cfg.exe first before entering any Chat room.


  • If you are running some other browser or wish to manually make these configuration changes yourself, see the VPC FAQ for detailed instructions on how to do this. If you make these changes yourself, you will receive two warning messages the first time you access a chat room through VPC Chat and if we update VPC Chat with a newer version. In either of these cases, you must answer "Yes" to the two warning messages or you will not be able to access the chat.

      Note: If your browser "Security Warning" dialog box appears, you will need to click "Yes" to install VPC Chat.

    Sample "Security Warning" dialogue box

      TIP: Stop the ActiveX warning box from appearing at the VPC by opening IE and going to Tools: Internet Options: Security tab, highlight Trusted Sites, click the Custom Level... button and change "Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe" to Enable. Only sites in the Trusted Sites Zone will work with this new setting, so as long as the sites listed in your Trusted Sites list are sites that you trust, there's no additional security exposure.

      Sample "ActiveX Warning" dialogue box
    If you require assistence with this, please see the VPC FAQ or post in the VPC Tech Forum

    For those that use non-ActiveX-compatible browsers with Java enabled, please note that you can visit our chat rooms without installing any additional software by clicking on the WebChat links below. However, we should warn you that WebChat does not support the VPC's advanced features, is prone to locking up, and you'll only be able to login as a Passenger. We strongly recommend taking the extra time to configure your browser to work with VPC Chat.

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Chat Schedule

Chat Conventions
These are some of the more common chat abbreviations we use. If you ever don't understand something typed at a chat, go ahead and ask. Someone will always be ready to help you.

    :) = Smile
    ;) = Wink
    AFAIK = As Far As I Know
    Booted = Kicked out
    BTW = By The Way
    CC = Carbon Copy as in "I copy you" (e.g. understood)
    FWIW = For What Its Worth
    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
    LOL = Laughing Out Loud
    Moofed = disconnected by system
    OTW = On The Way
    ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
    Rgr = Roger (understood)
    RW = Roger Wilco
    TY = Thank You
    TYVM = Thank You Very Much
    WB = Welcome Back
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Chat Terms of Use
Read our complete
Terms of Use
, but here are some general guidelines:
  • No profanity
  • Be pleasant
  • Have a good time, but not at the expense of others
  • No flooding (repeatedly sending the same message)
  • Please leave political and religious issues at the door
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