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Pilot Services

Maps and Charts
To purchase hard copies of aviation maps and charts, please visit the VPC Pilot Shop. offers every VFR sectional chart for the US, weather reports, and lots of other free stuff such as flight planners and logbooks for free. Although these items are intended for use in real world flight planning, the accuracy of later versions of Flight Simulator is so close to the real thing that you'll have no trouble using these real-world sources of information and utilities.

    Clearance Unlimited offers all U.S. STARs and SIDs for Flight Simulation fans (Free)

    MapBase offers a world airport database (Free)

    SAS Flight Support offers international charts (about 1/3 are free)

    US Airport Taxi Diagrams NOAA airport diagram scans courtesy of AOPA.

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Live ATC
When it comes to learning to fly, many people consider learning to use the radio as being the hardest skill to master. It's been our experience that listening to ATC will help you learn what to say, and make the whole process much easier.

The following links require RealPlayer to be installed on your system. You can download RealPlayer for free

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Live Flight Tracks
Watch aircraft tracks flying over the following airspace. Although the feeds are live, there is a slight delay for security purposes.

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Live Airport Cameras

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Flight Simulation Developers
    Aerowinx developer Precision Simulator v1.2c

    FlightGear developer of Flight Gear Flight Gear v0.7.3 FREE and Linux compatible)

    Microsoft developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

    Nomissoft developer of Airline Simulator 2

    Open Skies developer of a free simulator

    RC Flight Simulator developer of RC Flight Simulator (FREE and runs on a 486 computer)

    Terminal Reality developer of FLY!, FLY!2K, and FLY!2.

    X-Plane developer of a X-Plane v5.31

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Flight Simulator Sites FS News, message board, and FS files

    The Flightsim Aviation Zone- Brings you the latest and the best!

    FlightSim Online- News, tips, and FSNAV flight plans galore

    FS Repaints by KL 204- a great repository of the repaints created by Cees Melieste for MS Flight Simulator 2002/2004. Files, message boards, news, and reviews for all flight simulators files, message boards, news, and reviews for all flight simulators Popular author of Flight Simulator Guides, Ben Chiu's home page.

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Virtual Airlines

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Aviation Related
    Rod Machado (in addition to being one of the finest people you'll ever meet) produces some of the best aviation related educational material in the world.

    Patty Wagstaff the First Lady of aerobatics, a friend of Microsoft Flight Simulator for many years, and a FlightAdventures spokesperson. is The European Aeronautical E-Zine.

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