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Welcome to FlightAdventures.COM!

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Adventure Packages
Ultimate Discovery FlightÔ—Experience first-hand the freedom, control and excitement of piloting an aircraft. You are the one in control, from a thorough pre-flight, to radio operations, taxi, take-off, maneuvering and landing, thanks to FlightAdventures' exclusive Hands-On Flight Training™ methods.

Weekend-to-Solo AdventureÔ—Geared for the virtual pilot proficient with Microsoft Flight Simulator®, this adventure aims to solo student pilots within a three-day weekend period using advanced teaching techniques coupled with our proprietary state-of-the-art course which provides a level of instruction that is unmatched in the aviation industry.

Explorer-Plus AdventuresÔ—Graduates from our Weekend-to-Solo Adventure and student pilots with sufficient flight experience and up-to-date Flight Medical certificates can experience the flights that they've daydreamed of. These cross-country flight training Adventures allow the student to enjoy the thrill of piloting an aircraft to their choice of numerous popular locations and explore first-hand the best parts of aviation.

FamousFlight AdventuresÔ—Licensed pilots that meet the selected criteria outlined by the instructor of each unique FamousFlight Adventure can fly and receive flight instruction from famous pilots in a multitude of aircraft. Availability is limited and subject to the approval of prospective pilot application.

Warbird AdventuresÔ—Fly one of the fabled warbirds! FlightAdventures offers numerous adventure opportunities to fly in your choice of a wide selection of famous warbirds. Depending on the experience of the FlightAdventurer, flight opportunities range from immersive ride experiences to actually piloting these fabulous aircraft. Availability is limited and subject to the approval of pilot application.

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