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Welcome to FlightAdventures.COM!

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Ultimate Discovery Flight™

With the FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight you will fully experience the freedom, control and excitement of piloting an aircraft. You are the one in control, from a thorough pre-flight, to radio operations, taxi, take-off, maneuvering and landing, thanks to FlightAdventures' exclusive Hands-On Flight Training™ methods.

    With FlightAdventures' Hands-On Flight Training, an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor helps you to:
    • personally conduct a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft
    • start the engine and talk on the radio to receive taxi clearance
    • taxi the aircraft to the runway
    • personally complete the pre-take-off directed checklist
    • talk on the radio to receive take-off clearance
    • personally conduct the take-off
    • personally maneuver the aircraft in the air, including climbs, turns and descents
    • talk on the radio to receive landing clearance
    • personally maneuver the aircraft into the airport traffic pattern
    • personally complete the landing checklist
    • land the aircraft
    • taxi the aircraft back to the parking area

FlightAdventures' Hands-On Flight Training makes your first flight easy, fun and very fulfilling. Without a doubt, you will know what it is like to fly an aircraft like a licensed pilot, learning more than you ever thought possible!

    With the FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight, you also receive:
    • a FlightAdventures gold-embossed pilot log book, with your first flight time endorsed by an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor
    • a FlightAdventures Hands-On Flight Training manual, so you can continue the piloting experience at your pace
    • a FlightAdventures Hands-On Flight Training curriculum, which organizes your flight training in the most comprehensive, logical and time efficient manner possible

To commemorate your first step into the wonders of aviation, you also receive photographs of you taken during the FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight.

Flying an aircraft is like controlling a magic carpet ride. Pilots know the sensations of freedom, excitement and fun at a higher level than anyone else. Make it your turn today!

The FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight provides a lifetime of memories and a big step into aviation for only $399. Click here to make your reservation today.

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