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Welcome to FlightAdventures.COM!

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The ULTIMATE Discovery Flight™ vs. the 1/2 Hour Intro

Why take an "intro" flight that lasts only 1/2 hour (time that the engine is running)? Given this short period of time, you'll be lucky to get into the air, leave airport traffic pattern, wiggle the controls a bit, then you have come back in and land (which most of the time you'll only be allowed to watch).

If you've ever dreamed of flying you deserve more.

At FlightAdventures we believe your introduction to the exciting world of aviation should be sincere. You should be given as much information as necessary so you can operate the aircraft as much as you're able to. Under complete supervision from a FlightAdventures FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, you'll be given as much as you can handle to truly make your first flight a fun and memorable experience.

Make no mistake about it, The FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight is not a "ride." From a thorough preflight of your aircraft all the way to landing, you'll be a full participant of the flight operating the radios, instruments, and flight controls.

To read more about The FlightAdventures Ultimate Discovery Flight, please visit

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