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Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Technical Support from the VPC

Adventures            Downloads             Links Updated 06-06-01
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There's little that can try a virtual pilot's patience more than having flight sim software that doesn't work properly. We'd rather be flying--not downloading and installing drivers or tinkering with cfg files, right? Well, we understand your frustrations and want to help. We will try and help you solve your problems, but please bear in mind that:

  • We are not the developers of any of the flight sims flown here on the VPC. (Therefore, we are not responsible for the problems you may be experiencing with software we did not develop.)
  • We are not compensated by any of those developers to help you. We are willing to help you, but please remember that we do this on a volunteer-basis only.
  • If we are able to help you, all we ask in return is that you return our humble contribution back to the flight simulator community by helping someone else with a problem someday if you can.

Here are some tidbits of information about using the VPC for Technical Support that'll help us help you:

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