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Virtual Pilot Center™
Primary & Advanced Ground School
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    A Virtual Pilot License is not required to fly at the Virtual Pilot Center (VPC). However, for some pilots the satisfaction of possessing a standardized level of proficiency is worth the time and effort spent achieving this sought-after award of recognition (you'll also earn benefits such as a VPPL wings icon, an email address and more!).

    Most of the questions in the Virtual Pilot License exams are taken directly from the corresponding FAA written exams, so you'll be learning the exact same material required to earn a real FAA pilot certificate. Although a Virtual Pilot License will not enable you to fly a real airplane, it will make you a valuable resource for other virtual pilots because you'll have the knowledge to answer the most common questions about aerodynamics, navigation, air traffic control procedures, and flight simulations.

    The study materials listed below are have been categorized by the certificate type such as Virtual Private Pilot (VPPL), Virtual Commercial Pilot (VCPL), Virtual Air Traffic Controller (VATC), etc.. Again, the vast majority of information provided here is used in real flight training. These categories are further broken down into sections that are similar to those used in real flight training. For example, the VPPL Training Program is broken down into the three sections used in real flight training (Solo, Navigation, and Performance Maneuvers and PTS Test Prep) with an additional fourth section for Flight Simulator-specific knowledge. Each section is further broken down into knowledge and skill sets. Several skill and/or knowledge sets may be required for each lesson.

    Testing for Virtual Pilot certificates consists of a written exam (please visit the VPC Virtual Pilot Written Test Center for written test study questions), an oral test, and a flight test. (*Note: All VPC Practical Tests have an associated fee to pay for materials and Pilot Examiner time. VPC Crew membership is included.) While we encourage you to learn this material on your own, VPC Instructors hold regularly scheduled Ground School sessions to help answer questions that you may have. The flight lessons can be also learned on your own or with the help of another VPPL or higher, but help from Virtual Flight Instructors (and if you're lucky, from actual CFI's and CFII's) can be found here on the VPC by appointment.



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VPPL Training Program





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